Remarkable times call for remarkable change. It's not enough to know a lot about a little, you need to be able to span boundaries and find opportunity in chaos, even if it means you having to risk destruction by breaking with the rules of the past. This is a blog of ideas that challenge conventional thinking about people, technology and the rules that got us here.

Welcome and apologies, we've run out of dip...

Welcome dearest reader. open door

It's not like I'm unhappy with the other outlets for my ramblings - the Twitter, the Lithium and the Facebook are all fine enough things - however I felt that none of them offer the type of fine grained control and more importantly ability to provide curated content that I expect from the great blogs and websites that I frequent.

It's obviously something of a shambles right now, so at the risk of putting up a corner "under construction" animated GIF, please check back regularly as I weave together the threads of my IT management travels and travails.

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