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How do things go viral? A brilliant webcast by Maksim Tsvetovat

Despite the frequent use of the term "going viral", I believe that few people know exactly what that means in scientific and/or practical terms.

Author and interdisciplinary scientist, software engineer and jazz musician Dr. Maksim Tsvetovat teaches social network analysis at George Mason University. Maksim teaches executive seminars in social network analysis, including "Social Networks for Startups" and "Understanding Social Media for Decisionmakers".



This webinar covers some of the basics using the Egyptian uprising as a case study of just how shallow, but wide information travels.

The lessons;

- in general a cascade of 2-3 re-tweets/forwards is the best most of us can hope for

- occasionally it will go wider, but those events are rare

- great content creates followers, not the other way around

- celebrities aren't the best amplifiers

Also recommend you check out the Truthy Project at

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