Remarkable times call for remarkable change. It's not enough to know a lot about a little, you need to be able to span boundaries and find opportunity in chaos, even if it means you having to risk destruction by breaking with the rules of the past. This is a blog of ideas that challenge conventional thinking about people, technology and the rules that got us here.

A time of remarkable change?

If you've been reading my blogs on Enterprise CIO and Discover Performance, you'll know that I've a part-time career as a soothsayer, trying to predict the future. The central theme to my predictions is that scale and complexity will dictate the future history of companies and public services.

This great little infographic video, "Digital Life: Today and Tomorrow," created by NeoLabels, with a script by InĂ©s Leopoldo of Mitsue Venture tells the story brilliantly. Thanks to Design Taxi for bringing it to my attention.

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